Most welcome,
this bold, wild and most of all COLORFUL Blog is written by Amely Rose,
a 23 year old Artist/ Photographer and Model from Germany, Cologne.
She, a free Soul and Lover of all hair colors, is the Model AND Photographer
in/of EVERY Picture you'll find on this page.
She also Edits all of her works by herself.
Amely Rose studies communication Design in Duesseldorf (Fachhochschule Duesseldorf)
and is right now working on a new Project, to fulfill her dream and create her own jewelry store.
The Topics you'll find on this blog are basicaly: Fashion, Art, Photography and Photoshootings, Music, Makeup-Care, Costumes/Cosplay but also... Traveling, Food, Sport/ Fitness, funny stories
If you are interested in a Collaboration etc.:
you can stay in touch with Amely Rose here too:
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